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Mobile slots

There are other gaming options than Greyhound Racing, many now play Slots online - also called pokies - are by far the most popular casino gambling game throughout the world.Many countries, with the latest country being Sweden have legalized online casinos that also have slots.There is obviously an attraction towards the game, something that sparks the gaming spirit and has us coming back for more each day. It has been no different with mobile slots, in fact if anything; mobile slots have had more of an appeal than any other version of slots since they were first created.

How did mobile slots come to be?

The very first slots machine was not really a machine in the way we know machines today. It had a pull arm that when pulled downwards would spin three large drums with cards pasted to the front. It was called the “Liberty Bell” and it creator was Charles Fey, a man from San Francisco. While it only paid out in cigarettes and drinks from the bar, it was the precursor to what we know as mobile slots today.

The first video slots with a monitor instead of actual reels was developed by the Fortune Coin Co in 1976 and this yet again paved the way toward online casinos, providing a way to spin reel while not actually having any reels. The online casinos in the late 1990’s however took the entire machine digital, by creating online slots that could be played on a personal computer rather than down at the casino itself.

In 2006 we saw the iPhone hit the markets, with the huge multi-touch screen, internet connectivity and application support, it was the perfect platform on which to take slots mobile. The first mobile casinos were released on the iPhone, and then on each of the other mobile platforms as they were released so that now today you have the option to play mobile slots anywhere you please.

How do mobile slots work?

Mobile slots (like any other slots games), is a game of chance that requires no dealer, croupier or opponent. On average mobile slots hold 3 or 5 reels filled with symbols, each symbol having a meaning and purpose. Mobile slots can also have 3, 9, 15, 25, or as many as 100 different pay-lines that the player can choose from. The player bets on which pay-lines will bring a winning combination and can place their bets on more than 1 pay-line at a time.

Essentially you choose your pay-lines, how much you want to bet per pay-line and hit the “Spin” button, the reels then spin for a while and come to a slow halt, where the positioning of the symbols on the active pay-lines can bring about winning combinations that award the player with small prizes, multipliers or massive jackpot winnings.

Usually with a slots machine; gravity, perpetual motion and friction would come together to determine where the reels come to a halt, but with mobile slots this is determined in a different way. The mobile casinos use a random number generator that creates on each spin, a random string of numbers that act as an algorithm to determine where each reel lands. This system simulates chance perfectly and thus provides fair gameplay for the mobile slots players.

How do I begin playing mobile slots?

Whether you own an iPhone, Android phone or Blackberry, you have the option of playing mobile slots for real money winnings whenever you please. You can either use your smart phone or tablet’s inherent internet browser to find a mobile casino you like and download their software from there, or you can browse the “App store” and find which mobile casino you want. Most mobile casinos will offer mobile slots to play while some will offer only mobile slots.

Where to Play

Playing Free 3D Slots at

There also websites like where you can play free 3d slots and get a felling what kind of slot machines are available.

Learning About Mobile Gambling at

If you want to play on your mobile or smartphone and learn more, then you can find more info at Mobile Gambling the website has a huge section about mobile casinos.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software on your mobile device, you can register an account over the internet and begin playing immediately for “Fun money” or make your own deposit using the available electronic funding methods as offered by the mobile casino. The best mobile casinos will offer you a sign up offer to go with your first deposit, allowing you some free money to try your luck at winning a jackpot at the mobile casino’s expense.

The whole experience from finding a mobile casino you like, to playing your favourite mobile slots can take a matter of minutes, so why not have a look today? You could be the next big winner while you are waiting in line at the grocery store!