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Grading of Greyhounds in Racing

Every dog in a greyhound race is given a grade per the Greyhound Racing Association of America's grading system. A dog's current grade is based on its performance in previous races and assigned by the Racing Secretary. Grades for experienced racers range from AA to E, with AA being the top grade and maiden dogs (the new racers), automatically given an M grade.

With all racers starting at an M grade, each win can advance a dog to the next grade up. Therefore, if a D graded dog wins a race, he earns a C grade for his next race. Dogs that do not place in any four consecutive races are lowered one grade. Then a D graded dog that looses four races in a row would be downgraded to an E. For a grade E dog, such a series of losses would mean its racing career would be over.

The grade for each dog's past several races is listed on the racing form. Those betting on the race use the grade to help select the winning dog. A dog with an AA rating or a dog that is consistently moving up grades with each race is a good bet. A dog moving down in grades or holding the M grade is a risky bet.

In greyhound racing, dog ranks are referred to as grades. The grade of the dog gives insight into how well the dog has performed in past races or if the dog is new to racing. This short post explains how this grading system